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    According to the requirements of protocol between of the General Administration of Quality supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of People’s Republic of China (AQSIQ) and official departments of the bird\'s nest export

    countries: the establishments producing bird’s nest product to be exported to China should set up the bird nest products traceability system in order to ensure that products can be recall timely in case of problems, Chinese Bird Nest Traceability Management Service Platform was developed by the China Academy of inspection and Quarantine (CAIQ). Being the third party traceability system the platform only provides traceability management services for legal import of bird\'s nest.

    The platform began running on the line since December 25, 2013, when the Malaysian bird\'s nest again allowed to be imported to China. Through the pattern of traceability management in platform + minimum sales packaging with CAIQ traceability label sticker, the imported bird’s nest products can be realized “one registered number, only one factory can be use” and “one product, one code”. Consumers can identify and purchase the legally imported bird’s nest products of enterprise registered in CNCA by the traceability sticker which is a simple and effective way.